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To help us all get better at passwords, please take a moment to complete this short survey on passwords and their use in the wild. This survey is completely anonymous, so don't worry about being completely honest. The data that we collect will only ever be analysed and reported in summary (aggregate) and we're not collecting any personally identifiable information (like your name or email). We’ll close the survey and publish the findings once we have received a statistically relevant number of responses. Thanks in advance for taking the time to participate and support the greater good!

Questions about the passwords that you use to secure websites and systems
When you sign-up for a new system or service, and are required to enter a password, which best describes your typical behaviour
How many passwords in total do you use to log into your active systems and websites?
The experts tell us that we should be using strong passwords. How would you describe your use of ‘strong’ passwords?
Have you ever changed a password without being advised or required to do so?
Do you write passwords down anywhere?
Do you work in IT (Information Technology)?
How many years have you been actively using the internet and email?
How old is your oldest password still in use today?
With reference to your most re-used password, what proportion of your total websites and systems are you securing with this password?
Do you re-use passwords between work and non-work systems?
How often do you forget a password, and resort to use the ‘Forgot Password?’ option to receive an email reminder or password reset link?
Questions about your home wireless network
With reference to your current home wireless network, have you ever changed the default password?
Excepting the password, have you ever made any other changes to the configuration of your wireless router?
Question about PINs
How many Bank and Credit Card PINs (Personal Identification Number) do you use in total?
If you use a PIN to secure your smartphone banking app, is it the same as the your ATM PIN?
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