An automated feed of cybersecurity educational posts for your internal social channels

Sure, you've already got a program of cybersecurity awareness training in play. But would it help to augment those initiatives with a rolling program of bite-sized cybersecurity focussed social media posts? 

We think YES.

That's why we've broken down the entire Password Coach Academy training program into tweet sized facts and tips supported by eye-catching graphics and bite-sized video clips. Long-form tutorials are replaced with highly consumable short-from social media posts focusing on one security issue at a time. 

And to make this super-easy to implement, we've bundled up the entire program into a single file which is used in conjunction with a social media scheduling package to deliver a steady-stream of posts month after month, and quarter after quarter.

Supported social channels include:

  • Yammer
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • and more...


This is free, right? What’s the catch?

Yes, this is completely free. And there is no catch. This is 100% NOT a scam. Our mission is to better educate everyone on how to combat the threat of cybercrime.

What do the posts look like?

There are two types of posts:

  1. Stand-alone facts (example)
  2. Quiz questions (example)

Both types use images and videos snippets taken from our free animated video tutorials

Post subject matter includes phishing awareness and defence, isolated browsing, account takeover, password management and password hygiene.

What does the Yammer integration look like?

Yammer is one of the social channels supported.

There are two deployment options for Yammer:

1. Automated

Each post is scheduled for automatic publication using a social media scheduler such as HootSuite or CoSchedule. 

Each post is then automatically mirrored (for example, from Twitter) to a chosen Network and optionally Group.

2. Manual

Each post is manually posted by the social media team into Yammer. 

All post content is provided in a Playbook, and all post attachments (images and video) are provided in a cloud-based Digital Asset Management system.


An example of a Manual Yammer post

Are the posts only in English language?

Yes. There are different versions for US, UK and AU correcting for minor spelling variations.

Do I need to spend any money to do this?

Yes, to enable post automation, there is a requirement for the business to subscribe to a social media scheduling service (HootSuite and CoSchedule are currently supported) and a replication service (Zapier).

For manual posting, a small fee is charged for access to the Digital Asset Management system.

Can I see what the posts look like?

Sure. We have designed the posts so that they are compatible with all social channels without the need for editing. Here is a subset of the materials (posted to Twitter) focussing on the concept and security benefits of ‘isolated browsing’.

If I post twice a day to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, how much coverage will that give me?

Given that we don’t schedule posts for weekend, this would give you 10 posts per week to each of your four socials channels for a period of 34 weeks without repetition – 1,350+ posts in total. To automatically repost at some point in the future, you can either use CoSchedule’s Recyle option, or you can request a new configuration file with updated posting dates.

Can I edit the posts before they are sent?

Yes, you can change the content of all or any of the posts either by editing the Playbook or during upload into the social media scheduling package.

And seriously, there is no catch?

Correct! All of the posts are free and there is no catch.

What is your commercial model? How are you making money on this?

To complement your program of micro-training, a series of Learning Management System (LMS) compatible courses are available for purchase. Each course utilises the same materials and includes a test/exam at the end. These courses may be implemented to encourage participation and add an element of competition/gamification to the learning process.

how do I get in touch?

Please contact us using the form above.