Social Echo: free cybersecurity educational posts for your social channels

It’s ugly out there. We are all targets for scammers and cybercriminals.

But helping everyone to up their security game is tricky. Long-form, technically-focused security articles don’t have broad appeal.

The solution? Micro-training… bite-sized cybersecurity tips and advice automatically drip-fed through social media.

And we're making our entire suite of 300+ micro-training posts available for free to a select few... And that includes you!

Here’s how to get going...

  1. Decide which social channels you want to post to. Options include Twitter (plus Yammer), Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  2. Tell us which day you want to start posting, how many times a day you want to post and your preference for scheduling application (Hootsuite or CoSchedule)
  3. Hit the button below and complete the form
  4. Upload the configuration file that we will send you into your chosen package, sit back and watch the magic happen!


This is free, right? What’s the catch?

Yes, this is completely free. And there is no catch. This is 100% NOT a scam. Our mission is to better educate as many folk as possible on how to combat the threat of cybercrime. And you are perfectly positioned to help us in that mission. We get better coverage for our cause, and you get to grow your audience and help your followers become more secure. Quid pro quo.

How much time do I have to spend oN this?

Very little! We are going to provide you with a single configuration file which you (or your social media team) will upload into your chosen scheduling package and you are done. From this point on, all posts will be automated and require no further input or resources on your end.

What do the posts look like?

There are two types of posts:

  1. Stand-alone facts (example)
  2. Quiz questions (example)

Both types use images and videos snippets taken from our free animated video tutorials

Post subject matter includes phishing awareness and defence, isolated browsing, account takeover defence, password management and password hygiene.

Are the posts only in English language?

Correct. There are different versions for US, UK and AU correcting for minor spelling variations.

Do I need to spend any money to do this?

Initially, no. We have created the bulk-upload file that is formatted for both Hootsuite and CoSchedule. Both of these applications offer free trials. If you already have a social media team or assistant, chances are you are already subscribing to one or other of these applications. There is no charge for the posts nor ever will there be.

Can I see what the posts look like?

Sure. We have designed the posts so that they are compatible with all social channels without the need for edits. Here is a subset of the materials (posted to Twitter) focusing on the concept and security benefits of ‘isolated browsing’.

If I post twice a day to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, how much coverage will that give me?

Given that we don’t schedule posts for the weekend, this would give you 10 posts per week to each of your four socials channels for a period of 34 weeks without repetition – 1,350+ posts in total. If you are using CoSchedule, you can use ReCycle to automatically repost all posts at some point in the future. For Hootsuite users, simply request a new configuration file with a new start date.

How do I post to Yammer?

Yammer is a special case as it does not have native support for bulk uploads. To automate the process of creating posts in Yammer, we first need to schedule all posts to a Twitter account in the normal way and then use Zapier to duplicate the posts from Twitter to Yammer. Details can be found here.

Will this help to grow my audience?

In our experience, yes. On Twitter, we get in the region of 500-1,000 new followers per month attributable to these posts alone.

You can expect ITRO 500-1000 new follows per month and greater visibility for your profile as a result of these posts (Source: Twitter Analytics @simon_t_gibbard)

You can expect ITRO 500-1000 new follows per month and greater visibility for your profile as a result of these posts (Source: Twitter Analytics @simon_t_gibbard)

Can I edit the posts before they are sent?

Yes, you can change the content of all or any of the posts in your scheduling package during the upload process or directly in the configuration file.

And seriously, there is no catch?

Correct! Seriously. There is NO catch. Quid pro quo.

Configuring Hootsuite

Configuring CoSchedule