Priority #4 - Disable Remote Management

 Remote management  should  be disabled by default, but definitely check that it is

Remote management should be disabled by default, but definitely check that it is

In the name of convenience, it is possible for some routers to be managed remotely. What this means in practice is that those routers can be accessed by anyone in the world via the internet. All that is required is the ‘admin password’, which by default is usually ‘admin’ or ‘password’. Anyone that is able to access your router, also has immediate access to your home network password. As well as being able to log onto our network, they can also change our router’s configuration so that going to no longer goes to the real Facebook website but a fake version of their doing. This technique is used to steal login credentials for email, online banking and other systems of value. So we’ll be having none of this, and will disable Remote Management.

Next up - Priority #5 - Bolstering the router's passwords