In your corner for tougher online security

3 simple steps to help staff generate policy compliant passwords without any of the usual stress, cost and risk

  • Reduced operating costs. No more DIY password management. Fewer risky behaviours.
  • More productivity. Less stress.
  • Easy to buy. Fully hosted. No software to install or support.
  • Safer staff – at home, at work and on the road

Jim is required to change his password every month

Jim is pretty sure that he is not going to remember his new password, and so makes a note of it

As part of the security awareness program, all employees have been signed up for some password coaching

It's the first of the month and time once again to set a new system password

Jim opens his version of the Employee Guide that formed part of the training

Jim mentally overlays his secret pattern onto the Guide to visualise his new secure password


Jim taps in the new password to complete the change and he's done

Don’t let your people soldier on with costly & risky DIY password management

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