Getting access to the router’s configuration application

Your router’s configuration is contained within a website which sits on the router itself. In order to configure a router, we first need to find that website, and then we need to log into it.

Finding your router’s configuration application

In order to change the router’s configuration, we need to point our browser at the router. To do this, we enter the router’s network address (or IP address) as if it were a website.

This is commonly or but may be different for your model. If you’ve still got the manual, the actual address will be in there somewhere. If you can't find the manual, a search for the make and model usually surfaces a copy of the manual.

Router manufacturers have started printing the configuration application’s address on the router itself. And they’ve also started giving them proper readable website addresses.

router login details are often printed on the actual unit

Check your router to see if the address of the configuration application is written on the router. In this example, we can see that the router’s configuration application is at the URL This address just takes us to, but with a bit more typing.

Logging into the configuration application

the typical login screen for a router's administration interface

The first thing that we will see when we attempt to log into the router is a prompt for a User name and Password. These should be printed on the side of the router, but if not the user name is usually 'admin' and the password is usually either 'admin' or 'password'. If neither of these work, then it's back to the manual again. If you have changed and forgotten the router's password, then there is usually a reset 'button' somewhere on the unit. If you have a paperclip handy, then you'll be able to reset the unit to factor settings, and the default credentials will let you into the configuration application.

Once you’ve found and entered the right user name and password, you’ll be in your router’s configuration application. This is where the magic happens.

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