How to prevent an Account Takeover

Learn why your online accounts are at risk of being accessed and taken over by others, and what you can do to protect them.

Duration: 6 minutes

Why our passwords make us an easy target

In 2017, it was reported that that the majority Americans (64%) have experienced a data breach. In many cases, this was a direct result of bad password habits. In this module you will learn all about bad passwords and why our bad password habits make us an easy target.

Duration: 18 minutes

A practical guide to expert-grade passwords

For years the experts have been telling us to use strong and unique passwords, but typically stopped short of telling us how we are supposed to do this. In this module you will finally learn a simple system for using expert-grade strong passwords.

Duration: 14 minutes

Making strong password security the norm

In the previous module, we learned the learned the fundamentals of the the Password Coach system for strong password security. In this short final module we will put the Password Coach system into practice and start on the road to a more secure future.

Duration: 6 minutes

Quiz time!

Now that you've completed the training, you're ready to have your knowledge of passwords and password security put to the test. It's more fun that it sounds! The results will NOT go on your permanent record.

Duration: 5 minutes

Course requirements

The course includes audio commentary through-out and so headphones are recommended. The course may be viewed on any workstation, laptop, TV, tablet or phone that supports a resolution of 1000 x 600 pixels or greater. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or greater is required to view the downloads.

Course prerequisites

There are no course prerequisites, but you may want to download the Password Coach Guide to Strong Password Security which will be referenced extensively in the training below. Get your version of the Guide here.