Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't open the Book of Password Hints. What's the problem?

A: You should always use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and use the Book of Password Hints. You can get the Acrobat Reader here If you use a Mac, you can also use the standard 'Preview' application.

Q: I can't update the Index in the Hint Book. What's the problem?

A: There are many apps that will open a PDF, but a good number of those won't allow edits. If the app doesn't allow edits, that you won't be able to update the Book's Index using that app. As above, always use Adobe's Acrobat Reader and you won't hit such issues. Acrobat is available for most desktop and mobile devices.

Q: How do I easily make the Hints available on all my devices, including phone and tablet?

A: The Adobe Acrobat Reader will enable you to save the Hints to your Adobe Document Cloud account. Once there, the book can be opened and updated on any device that supports the Acrobat Reader app. This is pretty cool. Read more at

Q: If I generate expert-grade passwords using Hints, can I then use my browser to remember them for me?

A: Yes. All of the major browsers have a password save feature, which makes completing any login screen a breeze. Be aware though that there are risks involved in having your browser retain your passwords. Check out ‘Priority #7 - Using the browser to remember your passwords’ to help you assess whether or not this feature is for you.

Q: When I open Password Coach in Adobe Acrobat Reader, the index and notes fields are a horrible puce colour. Can that be changed?

A: Yes, but only in the Desktop version of the Acrobat Reader (mobile versions do not support this capability). To make the change, head to the Preferences option. Once there, locate ‘Forms’ in the Categories list, and change the 'Field Highlights Color' to white.
change the Acrobat Reader field color so that it sucks less

Q: Can I print bits of the book?

A: You bet! In the Acrobat print dialogue, set Page Sizing and Handling to 'Fit' and Orientation to 'Auto'. Make sure that 'Choose paper source by PDF paper size' is NOT checked. If it is, it is going to look for A5 paper size, which will result in paper jams and swearing. 
 Set the Size to 'Fit' and uncheck 'Choose paper source by PDF page size'

Set the Size to 'Fit' and uncheck 'Choose paper source by PDF page size'

Q: How many versions of Password Coach are there?

A: There are thousands of unique versions of the book to ensure that you are unlikely to have the same version as as your friends, colleagues or neighbours. Corporate clients can request custom versions of the book for their staff.

Q: Should I copy my friend's version of the Book of Hints?

A: The reason that we've created lots of unique versions of the book is so that no one knows which version of the book you have. The more versions of the book that we create, the lower the chances that anyone will be able to guess your passwords even if you let your pattern slip. We recommend that you get your own version and keep that to yourself.

Q: Password change day at work is a real pain. Can we use Password Coach in the office?

A: Absolutely. Small businesses can head straight to the store and buy versions off the shelf. Larger businesses will be interested in licensing their own private and custom versions. If that's you, ask your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or equivalent to reach out to us via the form here.