Cyber Security Awareness and Phishing Training for Employees

Here at Password Coach, we've taken a different approach to cybersecurity awareness training. Rather than emphasising buzzwords and technical detail we focus in on learning the small handful of traits that all scams share. This makes the training short and easy to understand. Once you know what to look for, spotting threats such as phishing scams becomes second nature.

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What Password Coach Has Done to Improve Cyber Security Training in Australian Businesses?

Learn Cybersecurity Best Practice One Tweet At A Time

If the thought of sitting through an hour-long training course leaves you cold, how about learning cybersecurity awareness in bite-sized chunks?

To help everyone learn cybersecurity best practice at their own pace, we've split the Password Coach training course into individual tweets. By following @passwordcoach on Twitter, you can get a daily feed of short and to-the-point cybersecurity tips and advice directly into your Twitter feed. And then share the insights with your friends and followers.

The Password Coach Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Free For All Australians

There are plenty of places that you can go to buy cybersecurity training, but here at Password Coach we take the view that being able to spot a phishing scam is an important life skill and not something that should be limited to the employees of big businesses. That's why you'll find all of our materials freely available to all both on this website and on Youtube.

Super-safe Password Management is Free For All Australians

Our two main security vulnerabilities are our susceptibility to a well-crafted phishing scam and our love of password reuse. Here at Password Coach, to make us all that bit safer, we've created solutions to both of these vulnerabilities. In the case of password reuse, we've created the Password Coach System and thousands of unique versions of the Password Coach's Little and Big Book of Password Hints. And we've made the Little Book free so that everyone can try out the Password Coach System and start securing their most important systems with strong and unique passwords that aren't stored in the cloud or in the man-drawer.

Simplified and Jargon-free Phishing Awareness Training - Short and Sweet

Cybersecurity is complex and technical subject, so teaching it can be challenging. Here at Password Coach, we’ve taken every possible step to make learning about phishing scams quick and easy. We’ve removed all security jargon and as much technical detail as possible, and we’ve made the training courses fun and approachable. And above all else, we’ve made the course short. By boiling all scams down to their basic fundamentals, we have been able to reduce the time that it takes to learn how to spot a scam to the about the time it takes to get to work and back each day.


Important Security Awareness Topics for Employees

In this section, we’ll touch on a few employee cybersecurity awareness topics - password protection, simplifying cybersecurity awareness training and the human firewall…

Password protection

We often emphasise the importance of securing our accounts with only strong and unique passwords. But it is also equally important to ensure that our passwords aren't shared or stored in such a way that they could be easily discovered. Writing passwords on sticky notes or sharing them with colleagues is not only risky but often infringes on company policy. You might not be aware, but in many businesses, passwords are considered 'company confidential' information and are not be shared under any circumstances. The good news is that the Password Coach system allows everyone to create passwords that are fully protected because there is no need to record then online or offline in order to recall them. We simply use the Coach's Book of Hints in conjunction with our single memorable pattern to recall any number of previously generated passwords.

Phishing, vishing, spear phishing, whaling, errg...

Security people love to create new names for new types of scam. This is unnecessarily confusing for the rest of us. Our view is that a scam is a scam, regardless of the name it is given. In the Password Coach cyber security awareness training, we treat all scams the same and focus on how to spot the six tell-tale signs of a scam. Once we have these under our belt, we can spot any scam regardless of its name.

The last line of defence - the human firewall

Let's face it, nobody really wants to do cybersecurity training. But unfortunately, it is not optional. All businesses small and large are being targeted by scammers and cyber criminals. All employees have a role to play in any businesses cybersecurity defence strategy. This is because legacy security provisions such as anti-virus are only partially effective. We need a second line of defence and that is the employees - the human firewall. This is why phishing awareness training is so important for any business. And why we've taken the time out to create a program of animated non-technical videos that folk actually want to watch.