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Generating secure passwords and unique usernames is hard. The passwords that we need to be using are impossible to remember. And having lots of unique usernames is also a challenge. But not with the Password Coach's Hints system.

The Password Coach's system of Hints allows us to generate strong and unique passwords and usernames that we don't need to memorise nor record anywhere - online or offline. The Hints system works by helping us to convert a simple, memorable pattern into as many unique usernames and passwords as required.

When our credentials are unique, the chances that they will be guessed is as close to zero as it gets making the Password Coach's Hints system the most secure way to generate usernames and passwords. This high level of security makes the Coach's system of Hints perfect for securing high-value, high-risk online assets such as online bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, email and social media accounts.

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Quickly learn how to defend against phishing scams. Free-of-charge.


Phishing attacks are favoured by scammers as the primary way of installing damaging malware (such as ransomware, banking trojans or cryptojacking apps) onto our devices. To defend against these constant attacks, we must learn how to tell the difference between a phishing scam and a legitimate message. No amount of software is going to give us the guaranteed protection that we need. Not anti-virus. Not anti-spam. Not firewalls. They are all fallible. Our only reliable defence is to know what a phishing scam looks like. And to avoid them when we see them.

The good news is that all phishing scams have common traits (tell-tale signs) that we can use to detect them. And the even better news is that there are only a small handful of these traits that can be learned in minutes. Once we have mastered the tell-tale signs of a phishing scam, the chances of becoming the next victim are reduced. 

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Learn how to generate ideas for strong passwords & usernames using our training

Coming up with ideas for secure credentials (strong and unique passwords and unique usernames) doesn't come naturally to anyone. We need help. In our short training course, you will learn a simple system for generating strong and unique credentials in minutes. In this training, you will learn how to use the Password Coach's Book of Hints to convert a simple pattern of your choosing into limitless unique and unguessable credentials. Within minutes, the stress of generating secure login credentials has gone, and you will have learned the skills necessary to secure your online identity.

How can we help keep your online data and identity safe?

Reusing the same username and password to secure your accounts on multiple websites is very risky. If any of these websites is hacked, then your username and password will quickly be on sale on the web. At that point, all of the accounts that you secured with the stolen username and password are at risk of being accessed by anyone in the world. At this point, your online data and online identity are immediately at risk.

The best way to protect against the likelihood of data loss or online identity theft resulting from a website hack is to secure all accounts of value with usernames and passwords are unique to each account. To date, we’ve struggled with this because remembering lots of unique username and passwords is unfeasible. But when you learn the Password Coach's System of Hints, you will learn how to generate unique usernames and passwords that don’t need to be memorised or even stored anywhere. In minutes, you’ll have solved the problem of a lifetime and be ready to keep your online data and identity safe from attackers.


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