Two-factor Passwords - The easiest route to stronger online security

Two-factor passwords take the stress out of online security by putting expert-grade passwords well within the reach of the non-technical majority and the privacy conscious.

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What are two-factor passwords?

Two-factor passwords are passwords that are easily generated by combining two things known only to you. Two-factor passwords meet the requirements of security experts:

  • Two-factor passwords are long and strong

  • Two-factor passwords are unique

  • Two-factor passwords are not stored or recorded anywhere

Why should I care about two-factor passwords?

Using two-factor passwords help us all to be much more secure online. They have all of the benefits of a software-based password management system with none of the technicalities or risk.

Who should use two-factor passwords?

Two-factor passwords have been designed for those who are unable or unwilling to use a conventional password management system, and for those for whom storing or recording passwords anywhere is simply not an option. Examples include:

  • Anyone who would describe themselves as ‘non-technical’

  • Anyone who is currently memorising passwords

  • Anyone who is using online banking

  • Anyone who is securing a system whose T&Cs forbid passwords to be recorded

  • Anyone who is trading in cryptocurrency

  • Anyone that is nervous about storing their passwords in another country or the cloud

  • Anyone that needs bullet-proof password security that never physically exists

Are two-factor passwords useful to the tech-savvy?

Two-factor passwords are also useful to the tech-savvy when passwords are required in places beyond the reach of a conventional password manager. Examples include:

  • Home wi-fi network

  • Password manager vault

  • Mac OS App Store

  • Device start-up and lock screen

  • Device encryption

  • Data backup encryption

  • Public/Private key pairs

  • Corporate network (SSO)

How do I start using two-factor passwords?

Complete the following steps to start securing your online world with strong, unique and protected two-factor passwords. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Step 1: Check out this short 2-minute tutorial

Step 2: Get your free edition of the Little Book of Password Hints (PDF format e-book)

Click to request your free edition of the Coach's Book of Password Hints from the Password Coach Store

Click to request your free edition of the Coach's Book of Password Hints from the Password Coach Store

Step 3: Feedback

We love feedback. After you’ve got going with two-factor passwords, pop back and share your thoughts or hurl abuse on twitter using the hashtag #2fp.